We will be starting Thursday March 15th at 2:00pm until
Sunday at 3:00pm

This event will eat on your own event. In the fall we received a lot of
positive feedback by eleminating scheduled meals.

We will be renting a side room where we hold our "snacks," in that
room the Zen Room will be the only place you are allowed to bring
in outside food. You are not allowed to eat in the main ballroom due
to the health code.

GIANT GARAGE SALE-  We will be having our Garage Sale
once again. Bring it all, clean that scrappn' room out! If you have not
used it in the last year, you probably never will.
Our Garage Sale will take place Friday night at 7:00pm, and we will
have the entire hallway, up & down both sides.  If it's half used bag
it up. Someone may be able to use the rest of the product. I tell you
what I am cleaning my room. Sell it, Sell it.

Cricuts: Because of the large amount of croppers that own cricuts
now, we no longer feel the need to bring the extra tools. It seems as
though no one uses them any longer. We will still bring the computer
and printer for croppers to use

Page Contest: We will be having a page contest on Sunday at noon. We
will be collecting pages that you have completed at H.O.P.S. during our
3 day event. We will be voting, and giving away prizes to the top 3
selected layouts.
Convention Details